Certification Programs


The certification is a 5-day programme or 2 Weekends intensive programme which includes training hours, practice assignments and diverse practical application techniques will be examined during the course.Final assessment will be conducted

The final assessment will be conducted with 80% pass mark required before we can award students a “Certified Member of A.I.T.I and a Practice License to become a therapist under the umbrella of A.I.T.I Network and Code of Practice.

Training Format:
There are three different training formats: tutored/class, self-study and


Prophetic Ministry Practitioners – (CMC201)

The course will enable students to gain the understanding of prophetic ministry and how to interpret the heart of God, while using the supernatural gifts to help other people. The participants will develop necessary skills to provide solutions, guidance and offer support to other people.

Dream Interpretation Ministry Practitioners – (CMC202)

The course will enable the students to gain the understanding of dreams and visions and how to interpret them using Christian approach and supernatural gifts. The participants will develop the necessary skills for interpreting dreams for others and be able to provide solutions, guidance and practical approaches on what to do…
…and much more.

Healing Ministry Practitioners – (CMC203)

The course has been specifically designed to help students learn about Christian Faith based Healing (both physical and Emotional Healing) and to gain understanding and skills on how to help people regain their healing and freedom.

Relationship Ministry Practitioners – (CMC204)

The course will enable participants to learn how to deliver therapy sessions and offer support to individuals experiencing diverse relationship problems and personal challenges. It is a Christian approach to relationship therapy ministry relationship coaching.

Marketplace Professional Intercessor – (CMC205)

The course is designed to help students learn about becoming a professional level intercessor and develop various spiritual gifts and skills needed to consult and assist business and organisations to fulfil their God-given mandate while making a profit. Students will learn to apply the supernatural to workplace activities and create a supernatural environment for enhanced productivity, and helping businesses fulfil their vision…
…and more.