Christian Meditation and Therapy Course

Course Content

This course provides the participant with:

  • Understanding of Biblical meditation
  • How to explore the realm of the spirit and seeing the unseen realm
  • Creative visualisation and power of imagination
  • How to journal and interpret the supernatural
  • Discovering the best ways to respond to the presence of God and supernatural encounters
  • Gaining understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Angelic realm and more…

Additional Requirement for Christian Meditation Course:

It is essential for this course that each participant brings along “sportswear” for practical exercises (for both individual and group exercises).


Healing for your Soul – (SPC201)

Diverse opportunities to receive healing for deep emotional issues; overcome burnout and develop intimacy with God and more.

Personal Breakthrough – (SPC202)

It offers opportunities and exercises for building relationships; providing financial and spiritual solutions. Gain better insight on how the spirit realm works.

This offers you the opportunities to learn the fundamental principles of biblical meditation and how to come to the place of hearing God’s voice. There will be many practical meditation exercises and personal instruction and support will also be available to you. The training will include personal ministry time. This is a unique training with several practical applications. It will offer you precious opportunities to spend quality personal time exploring the supernatural atmosphere.