Modular Supernatural School of Ministry


It is a modular school divided into four levels of study. The school can be delivered in three different formats as follows:

  • Online
  • As a Correspondence (self-study)
  • Or you can take the course at any of our Study Centres (Tutored Classes)

One of the course requirements is for each student to complete all the assessments work throughout the course duration.

It is a flexible modular course which runs between 9-12 months
and are divided into four levels or stages of the study.
These courses includes:

    • Sessions of instruction
    • Interactive sessions
    • Practical Hands-on-training
    • Activations to help students explore the world of the supernatural

You’ll gain practical experience needed for ministry and


PRACTICE 1: Personal Revival & Renewal – (SSM301)

This course will enable the students to understand the supernatural realm of God and how to co-operate and participate in the supernatural activities. Students will be able to:

  • Hear from God better
  • Learn how to walk in the supernatural and manifest the kingdom
  • Become a transformational leader
  • …and much more.

As part of the course, you will receive revelatory teaching from the rich Book of John and learn to apply this knowledge in a practical way in ministry and mission.

PRACTICE 2: Developing Character for Ministry – (SSM302)

This course is designed to train the student in the supernatural ministry, especially prophetic anointing and visionary encounters of the supernatural. Students will receive training on how to mature in the supernatural gifts and grow in their Godly character (fruits of the spirit) to respond appropriately to the demand of supernatural ministry.

You will learn how the realm of Glory works and gain more spiritual intelligence. As part of this course, the students will learn the importance of finance and human resources in ministry development

  • …and much more.

The students will provide knowledge and insight into the supernatural nature of the Book of Acts and learn to apply this knowledge in a practical way in your ministry.

PRACTICE 3: Personal Ministry and Mission – (SSM303)

The course is designed to assist the students in exploring deeper the supernatural ministry, how to create the Atmosphere of Heaven around you 24/7

  • …and much more

During the training, each student will identify their individual ministry. Also, students will learn to walk in the love and the goodness of God and bring healing and breakthrough ministry to other people.

As part of the course, students will learn about the relevance and use of social marketing and media in ministry. You will gain revelatory knowledge of the Book of Revelation and its application to life and ministry.

PRACTICE 4: Leadership and Team Ministry – (SSM304)

This course offers the student great opportunities to develop their leadership qualities and gain practical experience through diverse fields ministry opportunities and missions.

Students will have opportunities to serve in different areas of ministry and lead teams at both ministry and outreach events. They will learn how to plan and resource events and function within team ministry.

As part of the course, you will gain life and ministry application knowledge of the Book of Proverbs and the lifestyle of worship through the Book of Psalms.

Supernatural School of Ministry is established to train, equip and release individuals with a heart for supernatural ministry in fulfilling their assignment either in the church or marketplace.

In this supernaturally rich environment you will be matured in your gifting and experience a change in your life personally and professionally.

The course will empower students to step into the season and timing of God for their life. It is an opportunity to develop intimacy with God, be stirred up to experience the supernatural and learn to create an atmosphere of Heaven around you everywhere.

Core Requirements

All practical guides will be provided to the students, all practice assignments must be completed and the final test must be taken with the target of 80% pass mark required before we can award a PASS to the students.

Students will be required to attend 100% all the ACTIVATION CLASSES as arranged, the dates of the activation classes will be given to students prior to the commencement of the course.