Our Programme

Programme Format

Our programme approach format are:

  • Personalised Therapy (One to One Sessions)
  • Small Group seminars
  • Faith Healing Session

We also provide each person with resources, workbooks, journals and other useful literature and materials.

Each client programme is designed around the programme formats mentioned above.

In addition, each client will work with a dedicated member of our team to design a personalised programme, set goals and achievable targets and continue to work with them throughout their journey to recovery.

We deliver our services using diverse assessment tools to explore various ways of helping people to achieve desired health outcomes. We recognize the role of love in action, faith and healing.

Let’s deal with the root!

Programme Streams

The aim of our programme streams is to use a well-proven, timeless faith based tools, techniques and methods to help individuals receive healing and freedom in their lives.

Stream One: Emotional Issues

Our emotional healing programme covers a range of areas people may need healing such as:

  • Emotional Healing 1 – Dealing with Anger; Bitterness; Stress; Burnout; and Depression
  • Emotional Healing 2 – Dealing with Fear; Anxiety; Shame; Guilt and Control
  • Emotional Healing 3 – Dealing with Emotional Wounds; Abuse; Brokenness; Rejection; Betrayal; and Damages
  • Emotional Healing 4 – Dealing with Self-harm, Loss; Grief; Trauma and Insomnia
  • Emotional Healing 5 – Dealing with identity disorder: Schizophrenia; Bi-polar Disorder; Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID and MPD) and Eating Disorder
  • Emotional Healing 6 – Dealing with addictions and Emotional fulfilment: Alcohol; drug; smoking; sexual addictions.

Stream Two: Financial Issues

These are some of the areas individuals may need healing and freedom in their financial matters:

  • Debt problem
  • Gambling and other addiction
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Poverty mindset
  • Acute financial lack, shortages and financial failures

Stream Three: Relational Issues

These are some of the areas individuals may need healing and freedom in their relationship matters:

  • Singles and relationship e.g failures in relationship, rejections, finding the right person to marry etc
  • Delays in marriage
  • Barrenness (no fruit of the womb)
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Divorce
  • Abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • and more…