Retreat Week Events and Conference

Retreat Week Events and Conferences

Retreat week events are times for individuals to grow and explore the supernatural ministry. They will receive both one to one ministry and group ministry experience and will learn from our special teaching packages, enjoy community worship experience and feast of the Lord Sessions and much more…

Each retreat is designed for attendees to experience different combinations from the list of our ministry courses. They are offered in a retreat model. You can request for the structure of the retreat week, the speakers and dates and any other requirement to make the experience a glorious one for you.

Please see the following list of our retreat programmes:

  • Supernatural Retreat Week – (RC001)
  • Relationship Retreat Week – (RC002)
  • Kingdom Wealth Retreat Week – (RC003)
  • Healing and Freedom Retreat Week – (RC004)
  • Christian Meditation Retreat Week – (RC005)

Conferences are organised to cover a range of topics and field with seasoned practitioners and speakers. Check the event section of our website for upcoming conferences.