The Core Values of Ahavah International



We have FIVE core values which cut across our ministry practice as follows:

      Apply biblical principles in everything we do
      Build Godly relationships with everyone
      Promote the supernatural as a lifestyle
      Equip, nurture and release people’s gift
      Transforming people’s lives and communities




We promote the following as a lifestyle in our organisation and in everything we do

Lifestyle of Love

  • We love the Lord with all our heart, mind and strength as we exalt Him in everything we do
  • We live, share and are motivated by the love of God in everything we do
  • We are committed to the lifestyle of love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13

Lifestyle of Faith

  • We strongly believe we are to practice faith as a lifestyle believing that all things are possible in God that re possible in God
  • We are absolutely committed to God’s Word, His promises and His Presence
  • We approach every assignment with faith as the way to please God

 Lifestyle of Righteousness

  • We are to live a righteous and pure lifestyle like Jesus our Lord in thoughts, words, and conduct (committed to godly and high moral standard of living) in everything we do
  • We develop intimacy with God and resist temptations of the world and the lust of the flesh that can prevents us to live a righteous life
  • We have adopted the lifestyle of abstinence as a ministry from alcohol, cigarette and other addictive agents or substance which may affect us a prevent us from being a good example of a true Christian lifestyle

 Lifestyle of Humility

  • We are committed to walk in humility before God and others, always esteeming others as better than ourselves.
  • We serve the LORD with all humility of mind and do everything we do in humility knowing the God resist the proud and give grace to the humble
  • We encourage a daily discipline that the Bible referred to as to “die daily” to self while pursing the purposes of God

Lifestyle of Servanthood

  • We highly value the model of servanthood as demonstrated by our LORD Jesus for us a practice
  • We therefore intentionally and deliberately look for opportunities and ways to serve others.
  • We believe that our servicehood is as in working for God and pleasing Him, Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man did, he will receive the same of the Lord.

Lifestyle of Honour

  • We honour God with our lives and ministry. He is in charge of everything we do
  • We honour God and with our tithes and offerings. God is worthy of the first and the best of all our substance.
  • We honour each other by valuing the attributes of God in person and churn evil (including negative speaking about others and gossiping)

Lifestyle of Generosity

  • We have an extremely generous God, He is abundance, so we practice being generous with what we have and in who we are
  • We actively look for ways to generously bless, serve, and give to others
  • We are generous in our ministry to the poor and the need especially through our mission efforts

 Lifestyle of Diligence

  • We value hard work and diligence that is born out of pure desire and passion to serve the Lord
  • We seek to abound in diligence even as we advance in other Christian living because it is unto the Lord
  • We look for ways to go the extra mile and make our calling and election sure through our diligence

Lifestyle of Excellence

  • We believe the LORD do require anything less than excellence in all that we do, so we always strive to excel in our practice and daily living
  • We committed to achieving excellence thereby showing the virtues of our God
  • We positively encourage everyone to pursue excellence as a model for others

Lifestyle of Faithfulness

  • We remain faithful to God, to His people, and His Kingdom purposes.
  • We keep our commitments to be faithful to the race that is set before us till the end and to finish well
  • We are faithful to demonstrate disciple, quality and authentic Christian living