Healing Ministry

Ahavah Christian Healing Centre


Ahavah Christian Healing Centre (also known as Moving Forward) is established to provide individuals with a model of faith therapy and supporting them on their journey to recovery.

Moving Forward is a unique Christian faith based programme for individuals to receive inner healing, Freedom (deliverance) and Recovery.

This is designed for individuals to explore a faith based option to meet their needs and enable them move forward in life.

I can’t continue like this, I need help!

What we do

Moving Forward is a new approach to therapy with a focus on using practical Christian faith principles and healing methods to bring healing and freedom to people.

We adopt a realistic programme that will help individuals work towards a sustainable healing, recovery and freedom in diverse areas of their lives.

Programme Pathways

We offer the following programmes pathway design to meet individual needs. Each person has a choice of programme based on the most appropriate for the person.

  • Inner Healing
  • Freedom
  • Whole Person Recovery
  • Holistic therapy

Our services are open to individuals who have faced

  • Emotional issues
  • Mental breakdown
  • Financial crisis and problems
  • Relational problems
  • Other social issues or challenges that meet our referral criteria.

We work in partnership with GP practice, specialist health and social care partners, insurance companies, family practice; churches etc.

Where we are

Our staff are specialist with a range of experiences in counselling, therapy, care, and health sector.